A one man historic, educational and musical play written and performed by Stan Clardy.

It is a story of a soldier's life before, during and after the War Between the States 1861-1865. Your ancestor could be this soldier. This is a fictional character whose story is based on written facts and personal letters of people who endured this fight for the South; starting with the thunder of the threatened south and ending with discovering a treasure--- a heritage treasure. This educational, musical journey of a soldier's life and feelings during the war will encourage you to preserve and honor our southern heritage for which these soldier's fought.

All original songs performed are: My Land, My Freedom, My Home Rally to the Cause Hay Foot, Straw Foot
Letter to You, My Darling Southern Thunder Long Road Home Dixie Burns in My Heart Soldiers in Gray

You can purchase a CD or cassette of the music performed in the play plus a bonus song Watch Over Them

If you have not seen the play, please contact us to set up a date. To get the full effect of this musical journey, we encourage you to see the play. It is performed with period clothing and props. We offer on CD and cassette the music in the play, plus a bonus song. The song "Watch Over Them", is the story of the strong religious faith of the southern people. Stan's cousin, Lanise Killingsworth from Alabama, shared her beautiful voice on this song of prayer. We have also included a book with a few lines from the play, the lyrics and a few words about each song.

Our main goal for this project is to educate people on the causes of the war and encourage them to appreciate and preserve their heritage. In doing this we hope to entertain and educate people about the history of the War Between the States through stories of a soldier's life. We want to present this program for you and we know every situation is different. We have perfromed in historic houses, Opera Houses (Newberry, SC), reenactments, state parks, schools, conventions and family reunions. "We have performed from a back porch to the Opera House!" - Stan Clardy

Below are some suggestions on performing the play for your event.

We Require... Electrical hookup Area to sell items Area for changing and preparing for play. Two hour set-up and 45 minute break down time Inside ONLY

Our Request... A travel charge round trip Lodging A minimum charge for each performance (CALL or email)

Our Suggestions...
This can be used as a fund raiser (sell tickets)
Have an organization or business sponsor the performance.
The day before, setup an interview with radio or newspaper or schedule a school program to teach kids about the flags and the history of the Confederacy.
Encourage as many people as possible to learn about the War Between the States.