Have you ever wanted to go back in time and experience an event, meet a famous person or be a part of history?
Make that journey with "TimeLight"!

In a future where heritage is outlawed and history is corrupted, three men take a desperate and dangerous chance. They will travel into the past in an attempt to save the future and the last remnants of their Southern birthright. They journey to Charleston,
South Carolina, to aid the builders and crew of the H.L. Hunley, a Confederate submarine which may hold the key to victory for the Southern cause. Along the way they make an unexpected discovery as they uncover the truths of a history
that has been hidden from them and their society.

This story is inspired by the mysteries surrounding the Hunley, a ship known only in legend for more than a century, and now, a reality.

From the man who brought you the educational one man play and music
"Soldiers in Gray, A Musical Journey", plus the music of "Southern Stars" and "God Save The South", now Stan Clardy has written an exciting and moving book of that period in history.

"TimeLight, a journey into the past" is a fictional historical account about the H. L. Hunley, the War Between the States and the siege of Charleston during 1863 - 1864. Though the five main characters are fictional, they are involved with real historical figures, such as;General Beauregard, Horace Hunley, George Dixon and others involved in the historic submarine.

When people have an emotional attachment to an event, that can result in an even greater interest. TimeLight has romance, humor, adventure and most importantly the story of the brave people who fought for their land, their freedom and their homes.

Stan loves creating music for that period in time, he will have available a cd of music inspired by the book.
"TimeLight Music", A soundtrack to your imagination.
Songs Include: TimeLight Theme Stone Garden Through the Portal Elizabeth's Theme Iron Clads Bonnie Blue Flag* Beautiful Dreamer* Guns of Sumter Hunley Theme Hunley Shine On Sweet Magnolia Waitin' on a Train Dixie*

Special Musical Guest Miss Caroline Cox on Hunley Theme. Violin arrangement on Hunley Theme by Valerie Cox.

More about Hunley Shine On and the Hunley Funeral
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