"Soldiers in Gray" - A one man musical play performed and written by Stan Clardy. It is the story of a soldiers life before, during and after the War Between the States 1861-1865. Your ancestor could be this soldier. This is a fictional character whose story is based on written facts and personalletters of people who endured this fight for the South; starting with the thunder of the threatened south and ending with discovering a treasure - a heritage treasure.This educational, musical journey of a soldiers lifeand feelings during the war will encourage you to preserve and honor our southern heritage for which these soldiers fought. A booklet accompanies Soldiers in Gray music. The booklet has lyrics, a few lines from the musical play and little interesting facts about each song.

My Land, My Freedom, My Home, Rally to the Cause, Hay Foot, Straw Foot, Letter to You, My Darling, Watch Over Them*
Southern Thunder, Long Road Home, Dixie Burns in My Heart, Soldiers in Gray

All originals! *Watch Over Them" is a duet with Stan's cousin, Lanise Killingsworth © 1998 Stan Clardy References Available!

"Southern Stars"- Music is used as a form of communication to tell about events or happenings. The songs chosen (5-10) give an overview of before,
during and after the war. Our country was changed forever. Listen to the words, words like noblydied wearing the gray, fighting for our rights
and I won't bereconstructed! Hope you enjoy the three originals and continue to take your Stand in Dixie, where the sun shines bright in
Bonnie Blue skies and they can not change what's written in stone!

Dixie - fast, Southern Stars*, The Land Called Dixieland*, Written in Stone*, Shenandoah, Rose of Alabamy, Amazing Grace
Home Sweet Home, Good Ole Rebel, Wearing of the Gray, Dixie - slow, * Originals © 2000 Stan Clardy

"God Save The South"- Why do we honor our ancestors? Who will tell their story? Why are we here? Will we realize their sacrifice?
Hopefully these questions will be answered by the music in God Save the South!

God Save The South, Hunley Shine On*, Bonnie Blue Flag, Goober Peas, Gentle Annie, Katy Did Jig*, Sweet Magnolia*
The Last Flag*, How Firm A Foundation, Thats Why Were Here*, Scotland the Brave/Dixie * Originals © 2001 Stan Clardy

"Wayfaring Stranger" Songs of Faith and Heritage. These are two things that are passed down from one generation to the next. They are also two things that are in danger of being lost. The songs of Faith on this collection have been known and loved by generations of believers and like many of you I have heard these songs since childhood. Sadly, a great many churches are eliminating these songs from their services and hymnals. Their reasons may vary but the result is the same, new generations are losing another piece of their religious heritage. The Celtic songs here also represent an endangered heritage shared by many in the South. The importance of sharing these treasures with new generations is one of the reasons I have included the contributions of several young people on this CD. It was a great pleasure to work with these talented young musicians on this project and I thank them for their efforts and their hard work to make these songs come to life. Their parents also deserve many thanks for encouraging their talent and progress and for raising them to be outstanding examples of Southern ladies and gentlemen.
Wayfaring Stranger • Promised Land • Amazing Grace Nearer My God to Thee • How Firm a Foundation • Rock of Ages • Jerusalem
• Be Thou My Vision • Annie Laurie • Loch Lomond • Dixie • Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms • Danny Boy • Minstrel Boy • Memorial Day* • Never Leave My Post* (DEDICATED TO ALL VETERANS) • 14 Songs of Faith and Heritage • 2 Originals*
Special Thanks to the Cox Family Caroline Cox, Catherine Cox, Sarah Cox and Charlotte Cox of Southern Pines, NC for the participation and talent on this CD. Garman Bowers of Boonesboro, MD and Aaron Cregar of Frederick, MD for their talent and participation on this CD. These songs are of that time all other songs are *originals written and performed by Stan! © 2005 Stan Clardy

"True South" This collection of songs is different from the others I have released. It’s not a “Greatest Hits”, it’s more like a Sampler. These songs give a taste of what it means, for me, to be Southern. The title comes from navigation, finding a true direction for where you are and where you want to be.
It’s the real South. The living South. The True South!


These songs are all originals (except for Dixie of course) written and performed by Stan! © 2011 Stan Clardy
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