Stan Clardy with Gray Note Productions, announces eight programs for your group.

1. Story Behind the Songs: Music program: Stan performs some of his original songs and "hits from the 60's.... 1860's" with interesting facts about each song. Good for all ages, historic groups and events. Time: 30-60 minutes.

2. Storytelling with Songs: Music program: Stan performs songs written to tell a story about a historic event or a person. Good for all ages, historic groups and events! Time: 30-60 minutes

3. "TimeLight" - story about the H. L. Hunley: Have you ever wanted to go back in time and experience an event, meet a famous person or be a part of history? Make that journey with "TimeLight"! Stan's book. "TimeLight, a journey into the past" is a fictional historical account about the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley, the War Between the States and the siege of Charleston during 1863 - 1864. Though the five main characters are fictional, they are involved with real historical figures, such as; General Beauregard, Horace Hunley, George Dixon and others involved in the historic submarine. This story is inspired by the mysteries surrounding the Hunley, a ship known only in legend for more than a century, and now, a reality. Discussion about the H.L. Hunley. Time: 40-60 minutes

4. Flag and music program: Great for all ages and events! (School programs - historical fairs etc.)
It is a combination of the music program and the Confederate and Union flags of the time, with facts of each flag. With time permitting, storytelling with Mr. Bobby Lee O'Possum, a handmade possum puppet. "He" tells humorous tales and why we should preserve our heritage! Length of program can be adjusted for time available.

5. Theatrical Play- "Soldiers in Gray, a musical journey": For special events and theaters. Soldiers in Gray is an award winning one man play, performed since 1998 and written by Stan Clardy. It is a story of a soldier's life before, during and after the War Between The States. This soldier's journey through life and feelings during the war will encourage you to preserve and honor the heritage for which these soldier's fought. This play, a truthful portrayal of a southern soldier at war, is great for local theater, fund raisers and community awareness The play is 1 hour 10 minutes. Inside only!

6. Christmas Letters and Songs: Stan reads letters written around 1860's Christmas time with songs between each letter. He gets the audience involved by singing songs of the time and one Christmas song. Length of program can be adjusted for time available. Email: - if you email, please put historical program in the subject line!

7. Where is Dixie: Thoughts and songs about Dixie. Is it just a geographical place and/or a place in our hearts? Email: - if you email, please put historical program in the subject line!

8. Science/Space program: Exploring space - Imagination for future explorations! Stan and Cathy Clardy will come to your school or group to perform a combination music and information program about how space touches our daily lives. All ages! This program is not just a facts and figures presentation, but a lively and fun experience that shows how imagination and determination can make dreams come true. Learn how a young boys' daydreams in a cherry tree led to footprints on the moon, missions to Mars and beyond. See how benefits from space exploration make everyday life better. We answer such questions as; How do you get from the Earth to the Moon and back again? What resources can we use to discover more about space? When can we see International Space Station when it passes over us?

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